Every year, nearly 2 million Americans suffer from some form of workplace violence. All too often, the situation turns deadly. With 403 workplace homicides in 2014 alone, the nation is facing a growing threat. That’s why every business must take steps to prepare itself for an active shooter situation.

Over the past 13 years, active shooters have killed 1,043 people. They have also caused long-term damage to companies in the form of liability payments, insurance claims, business interruptions, and reputational loss. Given the stakes, there’s no excuse for inaction. In those vital minutes before the police arrive, you and your employees will be faced with life or death decisions.

Unfortunately, people tend to freeze when confronted with a crisis. The key to overcoming this natural tendency is mental preparation. Only by training each and every employee in your company to deal with a deadly situation can you hope to save lives. In the end, the best strategy for defending your business is to create a comprehensive active shooter mitigation plan.

Glance through our infographic to learn more about the threat of active shooters and what you can do to protect yourself.

Alamom 4 Reasons Your Business Needs Active Shooter Training Infographic

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