Alamom Consulting Inc. was established in 2014 as a woman-owned small business with the vision to help grow businesses, government agencies, and the community through professional development, security and safety solutions. Our team is passionate about growing organizations and taking success to the next level. In addition, our experts work with organizations around the United States to help them develop and implement a comprehensive Active Shooter policy that improves the safety of employees and guests while also mitigating risks. The combined experience of our leaders covers over 50 years of business development, sales, and growth, as well as safety and security.

As a woman-owned small business, Alamom Consulting Inc. is dedicated to taking the community’s vision beyond Southern California and reaching professional opportunities across the nation. With headquarters in San Diego, CA, Alamom’s reach expands through California and nationally across I.T. and development services. We can provide your company the tools it needs to be successful in the morphing markets and deliver the Active Shooter Training necessary to prepare your team to act if such an event occurs. Contact us today to learn more.

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With over 76% of Active Shooter incidents taking place in the workplace, our facility was determined to take a proactive approach by educating and training our employees on how to mitigate and respond to such a scenario. We were fortunate to be introduced to Alamom Consulting, who conveyed a strong focus on situational awareness, teaching our employees on how to act quickly in any situation. Jon’s extensive military and emergency services background provided our employees with a level of expertise many other instructors lack. We look forward to Jon’s return in the near future for additional training opportunities.

Gatlin K. McConnell, Process Safety Management Facility Security, Petrogas Ferndale Terminal