Active Shooter Response Training Offerings

Whether your employee count stands at 1 or 10,000, we have the active shooter response training suitable for your safety needs. The ability to reduce liability, business interruption, and the loss of lives in times of emergency lies in the organization’s preparedness and training. This is also the case when businesses need to specifically minimize the effects of an active shooter incident. The impact of critical minutes before law enforcement arrives is up to the organization’s readiness. Many of the security and risk experts now report that an organization’s mitigation plan, readiness, and trained actions have the biggest influence on survival outcome rates. This is why more companies are turning to professional active shooter response courses – to ensure everyone on staff knows what to do in such a situation so lives can be saved and threats reduced.

Alamom Consulting, Inc. Security and Safety Division has a staff of experts ready to help you get the active shooter response training you need. Take our Active Shooter Mitigation courses from the comfort of your home or work office, or come into one of our Alamom Training Partner facilities for an immersed experience. Do you have a team of employees who need training? We can accommodate custom training at your facility as well. No matter what your goals are, we have the active shooter mitigation program to help improve levels of safety and security.

Our curriculum and courses are approved by the Department of Homeland Security. With curriculum developed by law enforcement leaders, government institutions, and our experts with years of private sector experience, our training will prepare you for a violent workplace situation. Contact an Alamom Security and Safety expert today to see how our program will benefit your business.

Active Shooter Response Training

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Which Active Shooter Response is right for me?
Our top solution to deploy employee safety and Active Shooter Mitigation throughout your organization. Our team’s innovative approach is the culmination of different methods and tactics applied in diverse environments worldwide. Their methodologies bridge the gap between academic research and the first line officers and provide relevant tools to identify threat, deter, prevent and combat back, in the most efficient methods, based on real life situations. A small group solution with live instructor interactions, situational breakout sessions, and key takeaways to implement safety standards at your business.

Every executive needs to ask, “Are we prepared as an organization, have we done everything possible to limit liabilities or are we still simply hoping that it won’t happen to us?” This program aims to enhance preparedness through a “whole community” approach by providing training and resources on topics such as active shooter awareness, risk mitigation, and business continuity planning. In many cases, there is no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active shooter, and these situations by their very nature are unpredictable and evolve quickly.

This half day detailed course offers materials, and workshops to better prepare you to deal with an active shooter situation and to raise awareness of behaviors that represent pre-incident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. The advantage of our courses for an organization is that we provide a clear path to creating a culture that is built on preventative measure focused training, in a delivery model that is curtailed to each specific infrastructure. So whether your organization is in the education, banking or industry, our courses will represent the best product on the market because of this personalization.

Upcoming Dates for Open Enrollment Active Shooter Response Courses

All training dates offer a tradition Live in Classroom Session from 8:00am to 12:00am or a Live Online Session from 1:00pm to 5:00pm

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 Are you looking to train your entire team or department how to respond and mitigate an Active Shooter situation? We can work with you to deliver our Active Shooter Mitigation courses at the best time, location, and speed for your employees. Custom offerings include the flexibility to send your team to one of our local training centers or we can come to your business to minimize travel costs and expenses for your team. We also have the ability to offer a webinar privately for your company which will accommodate multiple locations, time zones, or schedules. Courseware, materials, and content can be customized to your organizations needs, emergency policies, location and more.

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 No location is the same, and event the most secure locations and government buildings participate in ongoing risk assessments. Meet with one of our experienced security professionals for an onsite risk assessment of your organization’s building or school campus. Onsite assessments can be scheduled during regular business hours or privately after hours or during nights and weekends.

By strategically aligned with top military and secret service experts and academia from around the world Alamom’s instructors develop and deliver world-class initiatives in the fields of counter-terrorism, active shooter and lock-down training, physical and technical security, last resort martial arts, and security enhancement of personnel, entities and procedures. With over 50 years of law enforcement, private and international experience in security, safety and active shooter mitigation. Our network of professionals are available to assist you with improving the security of your workplace, developing active procedures to increase safety awareness, and mitigate risk in the workplace. Topics available for additional out of classroom consulting and prevention include:

This unique curriculum provides a synergetic approach for problem solving algorithm in real time. This approach dictates what procedures would be effective to deter aggressors. The Art of Deterrence™ is a different approach that starts from the point of view of the aggressor, whether terrorist or criminal. We link the research and intelligence with past events and translate them into modus operandi. The result is knowledge of how aggressors operate. We all agree that a terrorist execution is a very hard event to stop or even to mitigate. The Art of Deterrence™ method is applicable to virtually any environment and set of security framework. This two day workshop is an eye opener and a great engagement for common sense that works.
This one day course empowers HR professionals with innovative tools to interview, detect, and reject aggressors. This course of instruction provides the skills sets to maximize the person-to-job and person-to-organization fit.
Applying the Art of Deterrence™ techniques to the place where our future lies. Clients will learn to define the teachers’ roles in threatening emergency situations, finding proactive procedures to thwart aggressors. This one day course provides situational awareness and hands on breakout sessions.
Managing the threat is the next best step after mitigation. This one day course is designed to provide information on what TM actually is. Clients will learn the scope of the management of Threat Management services and what these services can provide, to include: policy reviews, policy development, and data-basing of threat information. You can’t remove weakness if you don’t know it’s there. This course provides an introduction to understanding assessments and provides the essential information on how to conduct such them. From pre-assessment interviews to the out-Briefing of the executive staff, this course demonstrates exactly how and why assessments are the foundation of a viable security program.
In conjunction with the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine and its Operational Medical Support Division, we offer a Tactical Emergency Medical (TEM) and Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Course. Taught in seminar format, these courses provide Emergency Medical Services cutting edge training in triage, emergency field care, and emergency care during evacuation. Designed using the lessons learned from combat in the war on terrorism and resent MCIs in the US and abroad, the course is taught by trauma surgeons who have first-hand experience in these incidents. The course includes briefings on blast injuries from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), hemostatic dressings, tourniquets and advanced hemostatic control, three-step surgical airways, tactical field care, permissive hypotensive resuscitation, head injuries, “Three-down, now what do I do?” training, and care during evacuation. This course can be customized for your training and preparedness needs and can be delivered as a one, two or three day training offering.
You can never adequately prepare for something you don’t expect. People and organizations can survive disaster and crisis, but it is usually those that have prepared, tested and adjusted that are most likely to experience successful recovery. Planning on its own is not enough, as it is only in the heat of a crisis that most leaders and teams are tested, and so preparation must also encompass a practical aspect in order to prepare them as best as possible. This program provides delegates with a fully-rounded understanding of the factors involved in a crisis, a suitable theoretical frame of reference and a suite of well-tested practical skills sufficient to help them cope with an emerging incident. This course will be customized for your organizations training and preparedness needs and can be delivered as a two, three of five day course.
Sometimes just having the technology to do all the security jobs for us is not enough. The ERP allows the security professional to monitor, grade, evaluate, and make informed decisions much easier and in real time. The goal of this program is to make participants familiar with how to integrating security operations under one managing systems. Participants will be able to map out their framework and to set rules and procedures in a given environment. This program is critical for better management in an overwhelmingly technological world.
 The worst has occurred – you are being stalked. A subordinate has threatened you in your workplace. These are the nightmares of any company or individual because life, as you know it, has been irrevocably changed. This course is designed to provide information on how to view such incidents and how to evaluate them for a course of action. How to brief the company or victim on what actions would be prudent, from employee termination to surveillance to protection details this class will give the attendees the straight “scoop” on what to do and how to act.