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About Us

We Give People the Power to Control their Business and their Lives

Grasp Alamom Consulting has been supporting training and certification needs for over 40 years. We offer a wide range of Technical, Professional Development, Application, and Business Skills courses. As the world of computer technology continues to evolve at light speed, Alamom Consulting helps our Businesses, Government, and Contractors gain and maintain proficiency with the latest technologies, leadership, and professional development to achieve both organizational directives and career goals.

Alamom Services

  • Training Options

    Our training options encompass cutting edge technology training, leadership training and coaching, and customized solutions for your business. We design our programs to enhance skills, foster leadership, and drive your success.
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  • Business Consulting

    Our business consulting services include executive leadership training, process improvement assessments and specialized training and coaching programs. We also offer a sales development program to enhance team performance and drive your business growth.
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  • Resources

    Welcome to our resources hub where we will curate articles, webinars and other resources to assist you and your busines. We will continue to evolve and grow our resources so check by often to see the latest.
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What Our Students Are Saying

I want to thank you and the Career Development Solutions staff for all the work you’ve done to help me advance in my business. The class I took was excellent. The instructor-led course fulfilled everything I thought it would be and more… detailed instruction of Dreamweaver, new techniques, hot tips, and more.
Participating in the Incumbent Worker Training program has allowed our employees to receive the needed training to expand their job skills beyond typical on-the-job training. This also aligns our employees to be more promotable, which is one of our company core values.
As a small company, funding for training can be difficult to set aside, so the Incumbent Worker Training has provided us a way to train and grow our employees. It’s gratifying to watch employees grow, develop, and promote into new roles because of the training they have received.

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