Onsite Risk Assessment

Safety is a top concern for any organization. Whether your organization is in retail, finance, education or another industry, maintaining a safe environment for employees, guests, and customers must take precedence. With the increased frequency of Active Shooter and workplace violence events, what is your organization doing to keep people safe? Companies routinely conduct fire drills and go over evacuation plans in case of a natural disaster, but what do you do to prepare your team for an Active Shooter?

Conducting an Onsite Risk Assessment with Alamom Consulting’s Security and Safety Solutions is the first step and allows you to identify any potential weaknesses in your plan so you can improve safety and decrease the risk of such an event taking place.

When our security expert comes out to perform an Onsite Risk Assessment, we focus on six areas:

We understand that it may not be feasible to shut down your business completely in order to complete your assessment, especially if it means lost income from customers. This is why we work around your schedule to ensure that you can operate as normal while also receiving a complete assessment. We can perform the assessment publicly or discreetly depending on your needs so that your employees, students, clients, and guests can remain calm during the process. In addition, we are happy to work with you to conduct your Risk Assessment during business hours, in the evening or on the weekend if needed.

Once our assessment is completed we will provide you with a risk score that is used to determine your organization’s readiness to deal with such a situation. We will also help you determine the next steps for improving safety and readiness and will be available to discuss your options for staff training to enhance your existing employee program. Contact us today to schedule your Onsite Risk Assessment!

Why Choose Alamom?

Alamom has a team of Security and Safety experts with decades of experience working in the public, private, and military sectors. This experience has allowed our professionals to develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze your current action plan and evaluate your readiness should an active shooter or workplace violence situation occur.

One of our experts will work with your organization to evaluate your facility and provide recommendations on how to improve accessibility, evacuation routes, emergency response times, and more.