Do Your Workers Feel Prepared for an Active Shooter Emergency in 2017?

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Do Your Workers Feel Prepared for an Active Shooter Emergency in 2017?

As a business owner, you may be prepared for common mishaps to happen in the workplace. You may be prepared to switch around a marketing campaign if it is no longer working. You may also be willing to institute a different employee compensation structure to reward your employees.

However, you may not be prepared for incidents that you do not expect.  Active shooting incidents are an unfortunate reality, and you must prepare your organization and employees for these types of incidents. Here are some ways to use Active Shooter training scenarios to better prepare your workplace.

Go Over the Available Escape Routes

Buildings should to have more than one escape route, and employees need to know all of them. When it is convenient for everyone in your company, get together with your employees and go over all of the escape routes in your building. Walk through navigating to the nearest escape route from different points in the building so that employees know how to get to the closest escape point.

Once everyone memorizes the escape routes, have everyone in a different part of the building performing normal work functions and prepare to run a drill. Once you give the signal, have everyone run to the nearest escape point. This will help reinforce how to behave in an Active Shooter incident.

Establish Policies for Suspicious Behavior

The best way to handle an Active Shooter incident is by being proactive. If your employees notice suspicious behavior and signal for help, this can help the police to get to the employees sooner. Create safe words that your employees can use over the intercom or through phone calls to one another to note a suspicious incident.

If an employee notices someone carrying a handgun or something happening in an area nearby, they need to know exactly what action to take.  Go over a list of steps on handling an impending problem, such as:

  • Calling 911
  • Locking the doors if the shooter or shooters are still outside
  • Hiding so that they cannot be seen

Knowing which steps to follow can help stop shooters from entering or taking over a building in the event of an Active Shooter situation.

Call In the Professionals

Nothing can be substituted for an Active Shooter course. Active Shooter training courses will let you know how to actively get out of or mitigate a situation with a shooter. Sometimes being passive and hiding is the best choice to make. Other times, being active with others in the situation is the best way to walk out with no damage.

Professionals can go over the scenarios in which being active or passive is best for your employees. This may depend on the size and location of your facility, as well as the number of employees you have on a regular basis.

Ask Your Workers About Their Safety

One of the best ways to determine just how prepared your employees feel is to simply ask them. If any employees feel uneasy, it is time to have another mandatory Active Shooter response training course.

Regularly scheduled training meetings will keep all employees abreast of and alert to possible issues, as well as train your employees to take the safety of the workspace into their own hands when necessary.

About Their Safety

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