What We’ve Learned from Active Shooter Events in 2016

//What We’ve Learned from Active Shooter Events in 2016

What We’ve Learned from Active Shooter Events in 2016

As active shooter events have become a normal part of our daily lives, there are a few things that we have learned from last year.  The first and most important thing that everyone needs to know is that active shooter training is a benefit for everyone, no matter the age or location.  Whether the plan is to hide in a secure closet or to attempt an escape, having the proper training will enable everyone in potential danger to work together to survive such a tragedy.

No Place Is 100% Safe

With active shooter situations happening in nightclubs, schools, and shopping malls, it is easy to become fearful and not want to go out anywhere. This is simply no way to live; fearful and holed up at home all the time, scared to let your children out to play? Break that cycle and way of thinking right now. With the proper training you can learn the skills to properly react if there is an active shooter situation in any location you may visit.

Public places, work places, parks, restaurants, and theaters, and definitely schools, are places where shootings are common.  All workplaces should have an active shooter protocol in place that employees know as well as they know fire drill procedures.

There Is No Way to Predict an Active Shooter

While you may think taking your family to the movies on a Friday night is a perfectly safe activity, you have to remember that there is no way to predict when a shooter is going to decide to begin engaging in gunfire. This means that any time you go into any public place, you should be aware and prepared to handle an active shooter situation. Knowing what to do could save not only your life, but your family members, and even other people nearby.

Predict an Active Shooter

You Don’t Have to Be a Victim

While it is not advised that anyone challenge or engage a shooter on their own, there are ways in which you can take an active role in your survival. Try to fortify the room you are in when it becomes clear there is a shooter. If you can, find an escape route and leave. If you can’t leave, your choices are limited, but important. You can turn over chairs or tables, throw things in the walkway, and even at the shooter to keep him distracted and more concerned with staying upright than shooting people. Another frightening aspect to consider about active shooters in public places is that in 52% of these situations the shooter is already in the room with the group of people. This means that until they begin yelling or shooting, you have no idea that there is a threat.

Even though it is a tragedy to have to consider teaching your kindergartner about active shooters and how to respond in certain situations, it is preferable to having to bury your child. These are frightening times, and everyone, no matter where they live or how young or old they may be, needs to be prepared for active shooter situations.  Check into Alamom’s active shooter training programs today to learn how you can prepare yourself for the worst.

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