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How to Create an Active Shooter Emergency Response Plan (Free Webinar)

Waiting to draft response plans after an Active Shooter Situation occurs is never a good idea. Your employees and even your clients rely on well thought out plans that guide them in the correct steps your business wants to take when faced with danger. It’s paramount that Active Shooter Emergency Response Plans are tailored to your building and even individual workspaces.

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Situational Awareness in an Active Shooter Situation (Free Webinar)

Join security and Active Shooter Response expert Jonathan Sowell as we focus on techniques to improve your Situational Awareness and the importance of quick response in the event of an active shooter situation. Your safety is our top concern, prepare yourself, and protect your employees. Engage in real time exercises to prepare you with the essentials how to mitigate, respond to and survive an Active Shooter Incident.

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Nobody is Exempt from Active Shooter Incidents, This Affects Us All

This morning, we face a dangerous reality. Our personal, professional and educational places [...]

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Surviving an Active Shooter Event

“It won’t happen here.” Most companies are not prepared to respond to an [...]

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