Nearly Half of Businesses Give Their Cyber Security Low Marks

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Nearly Half of Businesses Give Their Cyber Security Low Marks

If you don’t think much of your cyber security, chances are that a hacker really doesn’t think much of it.

Despite well-publicized incidents involving the breach of millions of records resulting in huge financial losses for companies like Target, Sony, Anthem, and others, many businesses still don’t have adequate cyber security solutions in place.

According to Security magazine, a respected business security publication, 43 percent of businesses surveyed gave their company’s cyber security program a grade of “C” or lower. Security also reported that a quarter of the organizations it surveyed have experienced breaches in the past year.

For companies aware of their cyber security deficiencies, there are a number of steps they can take to shore up the security of their networks, databases, and other computing resources. Consider some of the security practices employed by many of the companies that gave themselves “A”s in Security’s survey.

  • Firewalls – Firewalls are software or hardware that act as a barrier between your network and the internet at large. Firewalls help screen out hackers and malicious programs that can access your computer or network via the internet.
  • Anti-phishing software – This software helps identify phishing content; that is, content that uses deceptive means to get users to surrender login or other sensitive data.
  • Security information and event management systems – These products and services provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by hardware and software. SIEM systems log data from a variety of sources, look for correlations, and alert appropriate parties concerning potential security issues.
  • Threat intelligence platforms – Threat intelligence platforms are robust security solutions that allow organizations to detect possible threats, block and deflect attacks, and degrade the infrastructure of attackers.
  • Employee training – Employees can unintentionally create big gaps for hackers to exploit. Companies need to make sure that their employees are trained in smart cyber security practices, such as using strong passwords, avoiding exposing sensitive company information to unsecured wireless networks, and best practices for using portable storage media such as flash drives.

There is no overstating the growing threat posed by online malicious actors to businesses large and small. Consider this: According to 24/7 Wall St., more than 36.6 million records were exposed in 2016, and reported data breaches increased 40 percent over the previous year.  The majority of attacks appear to be aimed at stealing information or holding it for ransom.

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The most common types of attacks employed in 2016 were hacking, skimming, and phishing attacks, which accounted for more than half of all data breaches.

Improving your company’s cyber security can reduce its exposure to the losses associated with data breaches and other malicious activities, such as denial of service attacks. Working with an experienced cyber security consultant can help harden your company’s defenses against hackers.

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