Important: There Is No “Normal” Reaction to an Active Shooter

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Important: There Is No “Normal” Reaction to an Active Shooter

On any given day, most people are not prepared for a violent eruption in the workplace. Sure, you know it could happen but how often while you’re sitting at your desk do you jump into action over a slamming door? Is the first thought in your mind that you need to perform your Active Shooter response plan?

For most people, these questions seem absurd. Most employees assume relative safety in the workplace and proceed with their days unfazed by loud noises or raised voices. It is impossible to know how you will react until you are in a dangerous situation. There is no “normal” reaction to an Active Shooter situation.

Possible Reactions

When faced with an Active Shooter in the workplace, employees without any training or formal response plan may have a variety of responses and reactions, including:

  • Panic
  • Shutting down
  • Numbness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Crying
  • Running away

All of these are very normal reactions, but, with proper training and drills, you can also learn to control these reactions and perform specific tasks and strategies that will help you and your coworkers survive the situation. The fight or flight response is one that many people have a hard time acting against. To simply hide and remain silent may be more difficult for some people than ambushing a shooter. Training and drills gives you knowledge, strategies, hand on experince and ways to cope to help you control your reaction in a live shooter situation.

Being Comfortable with Guns

This is a tricky topic in today’s world, but the fact is that everyone faces the possibility of facing down a gunman at some point. Being completely terrified of guns is a weakness that you can overcome in order to better process and deal with that situation, should it arise. Whether you feel you need to carry a firearm at work or not, it is a good idea to become familiar with guns and know how to handle one.

Who knows? You may end up disarming a shooter and need to hold him at gunpoint until the authorities can retrieve him.  Seek basic firearm training in order to feel more comfortable and have a better understanding of how weapons work. Even being able to identify a specific type of gun will be helpful if you have to contact the police about an Active Shooter.

Preparedness Relieves Panic

Imagine you are a pregnant mother who is ready to give birth any day. You would have your bag packed and your birth plan together; you would have taken birth classes and have emergency contacts in place. Now, imagine yourself as a pregnant mother without any plan of action. You would be terrified and panicky.

Being prepared for a situation helps give people the necessary steps to take and a plan of action that eliminates the panic. Sure, in an Active Shooter situation you will be scared, but, if you’ve been taught Active Shooter preparedness, you will have specific steps to follow and won’t have time for panic to set in.

The more that employees are prepared, the better the situation will be handled in the event of a shooter in the workplace. Speak to your management team and employees today and start planning an Alamom shooter preparedness seminar.

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