Top Security Picks for Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

//Top Security Picks for Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Top Security Picks for Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Our security experts give you their best gift ideas and stocking stuffers to keep your loved ones safe throughout the year. These products or similar can be found online, at your local superstore or in some cases outdoor specialty stores. Your safety is our top priority. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Car Safety Window Tapper and Seatbelt Cutter

prod_5761081408Top Active Shooter Response Instructor, Jonathan Sowell, shared his favorite pick: “I love these, I have one in my car, my apartment, and in my briefcase. I use them in all my Active Shooter demos as well. These little guys have a point on one end to break you out of glass, not just your car, but also an office building you’ve barricaded yourself in.” These are often sold in two packs and can also be used as a self-defense weapon.

Fire Extinguisher

fire-extinguisher-pngAlamom Tactical expert, Tomer Benito, shared his top pick: “Everyone should have a fire extinguisher in their house. I have kids, I can’t have knives or guns out, but I have a mini fire extinguisher right next to my bed, it’s my go to weapon of choice if I hear something in the middle of the night.” Learn more about how to use a fire extinguisher as a self-defense weapon here.

Pocket Pepper Spray

Yoga Expert and Client Advisor Manager, Brandi Howe, shared her powerful punch. “As a woman, I always have pepper spray on me. 41rvwjdinhl-_sy300_With Daylight Savings Time, it’s now dark when I go to my car after work or a workout. I’m so much more aware and prepared if an intruder or unwanted person was coming my way.” Each state and sometimes even counties have a different allowed threshold for pepper spray, how much and where you can carry it. Learn what’s allowed in your state here.

Video Doorbells

doorbells-asset-190859829e272437f44abf7cc5e62eccOwner, Morgan Landry, shared the best safety gift she’s received. “I got a video doorbell two years ago when they first came out. At first, I didn’t think I would use it but with everything being ordered online now you have to know whose coming to your front door. I would recommend it for anybody, living alone or with their family.”

From our team to yours, your safety is our top priority. Thank you for working hard with us to keep your team safe this holiday season and into 2017.

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