Four Reasons Your Business Needs Active Shooter Training Now

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Four Reasons Your Business Needs Active Shooter Training Now

Flags flying at half staff have become an all too common site in America today. Just about every week, there’s a story on the news about a shooting in a school, business place, or other public area. The problem isn’t going away, and it’s up to us to keep ourselves, and our friends and colleagues safe.

For business owners and leaders of other organizations, the responsibility of ensuring the safety of others can weigh heavily, but there is an answer. Active shooter training provides employees, managers, and frequent guests to your facilities with the tools they need to reduce their risk of injury or death. It’s affordable and easy to obtain, and it could save lives if the unthinkable occurs at your church, school, or place of business.

If you’re thinking about active shooter mitigation courses for your company, but aren’t quite sure that you need it, consider these facts:

  • Active shooter incidents are on the rise. According to the FBI, an active shooter incident now occurs once every three weeks. Active shooter incidents are events where one or more individuals attempts to kill people in a populated area. Most active shooter incidents are over in five minutes or less – often way before police can arrive on scene.
  • About 70 percent of active shooter events occur in businesses or schools. Disgruntled employees or mentally disturbed individuals who intend to harm others often end up venting their rage at places of business. Most businesses have no expectation that an active shooter incident could occur on their property, and, as a result, have no measures in place to ensure worker and customer safety.
  • Active shooter mitigation gives employees a game plan in the event of an incident. In shooting events, lots of people end up getting hurt or killed because they don’t know what to do. Being confronted with the prospect of violence causes many to panic, making them easy targets for a shooter. Training gives employees the knowledge they need to minimize their risk, and that to others during an active shooter incident.
  • Active shooter response training reduces opportunities for shooters. A big part of active shooter mitigation focuses on minimizing risk. By emphasizing reducing visibility and vulnerability, trainers teach employees how to reduce their chance of being shot in an active shooter incident. Employees will be trained to be on alert for suspicious individuals, how to assess situations, and how to react to mitigate their risk during these violent incidents.

Active shooter mitigation

You and your employees don’t have to fall victim to deranged individuals intent on hurting and killing others. Proper training provides individuals with the tools needed to reduce risk by increasing vigilance at work, church, or school and reacting properly to dangerous situations. When choosing a consultant to provide active shooter education courses, finding a qualified provider with a solid curriculum and track record of success will provide the maximum return on your training investment.

Alamom Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of business improvement consulting services to clients, including active shooter safety consulting. Established in 2014, Alamom Consulting, Inc. seeks to provide advice that will help clients enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and mitigate risk.

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