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Active Shooter incidents have grown at an alarming rate since 2000. Yet the FBI reported most companies are not prepared to respond to an Active Shooter or workplace violence crisis. Over 76% of Active Shooter Incidents take place at a business or commerce and 43% of these incidents cease before law enforcement arrive. You and your team need to be prepared to mitigate and respond if this scenario ever occurs at your work, school, or a public place.

In the 10 most analyzed Active Shooter situations, the shooters always displayed warning signs that were discovered in the aftermath. In order to shift our paradigm and prevent Active Shooter situations, we have to understand the basic warning signs and report them appropriately. Join Security and Active Shooter Mitigation expert James Niessner as we discuss the basic Enroll Nowwarning signs and precipitators to active shooter situations. Your safety is our top concern, prepare yourself and protect your employees. The webinar will be interactive and will allow for questions and interaction at the end of the presentation so you will have the opportunity to start taking the steps you need to be prepared.

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