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Every employee that speaks with a client has an opportunity to provide a positive customer experience. They also have an opportunity to offer your solutions to help that client.  Are your sales, technical support and client support employees providing a positive experience that creates loyalty and referrals and drives sales?

In any client interaction, are your leaders teaching the front line employees how to lower the client’s resistance to being sold while increasing their receptivity to buying your products and services? Are they following the Golden Rule and treating their employees the same way you want your best clients to be treated? Are they focusing on the emotional needs of your clients and not just the logical process?
In this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Put the processes and beliefs in place that will allow your teams to deliver more sales and a memorable experience during every client interaction 
  • Understand and sell to your clients’ emotional needs 
  • Give you the skills your coaches and teams need to leverage a positive client experience into the sale

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