Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or PEN testing, is more in-depth than cyber risk assessments. The goal of cyber security penetration testing is to use a controlled environment to safely find and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure. A PEN test is also sometimes referred to as a “white-hat attack” because it involves known security experts attempting to break into a system rather than malicious actors. Penetration testing training not only looks at weaknesses in the infrastructure, it also simulates how an attacker can cause a breach and the amount of information they can access.

Pen Testing from Alamom Consulting Security Solutions

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test subjects a system or a range of systems to real life security tests. The benefit of a complete penetration suite compared to a normal vulnerability scan system is to reach beyond a vulnerability scan test and discover different weaknesses and perform a much more detailed analysis. The user can perform specified attacks in high detail depending on his specific choices and needs. This is normally done via the many advanced techniques and utilities of a security consultant.

Types of PEN Testing

Penetration testing can be done in a number of different ways depending on the needs of the organization. These situations can include:

Penetration Testing Compared to Vulnerability Scanning

The advantage of a penetration test compared with an automated vulnerability scan is the involvement of the human element versus automated systems. A human can do several attacks based on skills, creativity. and information about the target system that an automated scanning can not do. Several techniques like social engineering can usually be done by humans alone since it requires physical techniques that have to be performed by a human and is not covered by an automated system. Advance your Information Security protection and conduct Penetration Testing from Alamom’s Security Experts.

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