Cyber Risk Assessments

As businesses around the world continue to modernize and digitize their systems and records there is a growing concern about cyber attacks. Malicious actors target organizations in every industry – including finance, retail, and healthcare – looking to disrupt operations and steal sensitive customer details and proprietary data. Is your infrastructure prepared if such an attack were to take place? Alamom Consulting, Inc. can assist you on your mission to improve Cyber Security by providing a cyber risk assessment that checks for existing vulnerabilities in your system.

Cost in Trillions of Estimated Cyber Crime Damages by 2021
Unfilled Cyber Security Jobs Estimated by 2019
Amount of People Online at Risk of Being Hacked by 2020
Number of devices connected to the internet that will need securing by 2020

What Does a Cyber Risk Assessment Entail?

The purpose of performing a Cyber Security Risk Assessment is to address any issues in your network so your data is protected. Our team of experts will begin by carrying out a security risk assessment of your hardware, software, and user base that identifies any weaknesses and areas for improvement. Following this process, we will work with you to develop and implement a plan that will secure these areas so your network is strong moving forward.

Alamom’s risk assessment training program will also help your team learn best practices for Cyber Security and how to ensure that any threats are neutralized. The goal is to prepare your organization to not only recognize risk but also mitigate damages caused by sophisticated cyber attacks. Our team of experts is committed to helping your business strengthen its cyber security plan, which benefits your organization, its stakeholders, and customers. Learn more about improving Cyber Security and schedule your Risk Assessment training by contacting a representative today.

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