Active Shooter Drills

Your organization practices fire drills and what to do if a natural disaster hits your area, but are you prepared to respond and act if an Active Shooter situation takes place? At Alamom Consulting, Inc., your safety is our top priority. Since an Active Shooter situation comes on unexpectedly and has the potential to escalate quickly, your entire team needs to know how to respond under intense circumstances in order to mitigate the impacts on the entire community. Alamom is here to help your employees develop the skills and experience needed to recognize an active shooter situation and take the necessary steps to minimize negative outcomes.

Why Is Active Shooter Training Important?

Conducting Active Shooter training, whether your organization operates in the retail or education space or in a different industry completely, is critical. Since Active Shooter and workplace violence situations are extremely chaotic, any one person can play a vital role in maximizing the safety of employees, students, clients and guests. Many organizations are not prepared to respond if there is an Active Shooter, or they have a written policy that employees are expected to carry out. However, without having an Active Shooter Drill, employees, students and others have never seen this plan in action to know if it is effective.

“People expressed over and over again that training and drill, which is useful for both the workplace and for situations outside the workplace, was extremely helpful and make them feel valued by our company.”

Rikki Valle, HR Analyst, Jafra Cosmetics

74% of employees felt they were better prepared after the Active Shooter Drill for an emergency situation

Jafra Cosmetics

“For us, it was a truly eye opening experience, spurring, as a direct result of the workshop, several initiatives in the real of critical infrastructure protection, threat awareness training and school safety that continue to this day.”

Domestic Security Planner, Florida Department of Law Enforcement


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How Do Active Shooter Drills Work?

Before scheduling a drill for your facility, it is important to know what to expect and communicate that information to employees and others who need to know. Alamom believes in a “whole community” approach in order to enhance active shooter preparedness. We provide products, tools, and resources to help your organization prepare for and respond to an Active Shooter incident, which can mean the difference between life and death. Our drills can range from 30 minutes to two hours in length based on your needs. We will communicate that a drill is taking place with your employees, students, clients, neighboring businesses and local law enforcement so that no one is alarmed.

To simulate a real-life situation we use sounds, smell, and escape routes in a controlled environment. Our team of safety and security experts will work with your team side by side to guide them through the drill. This allows your staff to experience a hands-on environment and develop muscle memory, reflexes, and confidence they can use to protect themselves.

What Should I Expect During an Active Shooter Drill?

  • Drills can range from 30 mins to 2 hours based on your organizational needs

  • We notify all employees, students, and clients there is a Drill taking place and not to be alarmed

  • Real sounds, smells and escape routes will be experienced in a controlled environment

  • Adrenaline is common in these drills, our teams will be side by side with your teams guiding the simulation

  • Muscle Memory, Reflexes and Confidence are the most important things we engrain during an Active Shooter Drill

Are Active Shooter Drills too Real?

  • We work with local law enforcement to notify them an Active Shooter Drill is taking place, many times, they will participate with us.

  • Kinesthetic and Hands on Learning is the best way to prepare for this potential crisis aversion.

  • Going beyond classroom learning, participants will learn real time how to Run, Hide, and Fight during an Active Shooter Incident.

  • Active Shooters can be stopped before they cause additional damage, but many times people freezing prevents them from diffusing the situation.


of incidents take place at a business


of incidents ended in five minutes or less


of incidents ceased before law enforcement arrived


of incidents ended with an unarmed citizen successfully disrupting the shootings

Active Shooter Drills for Emergency Prepardness

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