Assessment: Are You Prepared?

We practice fire drills, but what about workplace violence? Does your company have an active shooter policy or set of instructions for how to handle the situation if it arises? Something that is a growing safety concern in this day and age deserves the attention of HR, Operations, and Security managers. It is your responsibility as a business owner or manager to ensure that your employees have a safe work environment and all the resources they need to lessen the impact of an active shooter. Alamom Consulting, Inc. Security and Safety Division provides comprehensive active shooter preparedness training to you and your team so you are ready for any scenario.

How can you tell if your business has an effective plan in the event of an active shooter? Take our free assessment to determine if you, your facility, and your employees are prepared to mitigate an active shooter or workplace violence situation. Contact us today with any questions you have about our training programs.

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Our free Active Shooter Mitigation Assessment will help you determine how prepared you are for this unfortunate emergency situation. Prepare yourself, protect your employees.

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