Active Shooter Response Training

76% of incidents take place at a business
Source: NYPD “Active Shooter Recommendation and Analysis for Risk Mitigation”
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“It won’t happen here.” Most companies are not prepared to respond to an active shooter workplace violence crisis. Many have no violence prevention or intervention policies, yet over 76% of active shooter incidents take place at a business.

What happens to a company, their clients, and their employees when an active shooter incident takes place? Can you prevent this type of violence in your workplace? Are you prepared to react and protect your employees when it happens? In order to answer these questions it is important to schedule and participate in active shooter response training. This way your team will know exactly what to do if such an event takes place at your business.

At Alamom Consulting’s Security and Safety Division, your safety is our top concern. We work with you to train your employees and management teams on how to respond to an active shooter situation. Over 50 years of law enforcement, private and international security best practices are shared, enabling your organization to establish preventative policies for your protection. It is essential that you and your entire staff be trained on how to respond to an active shooter situation, and you have clear policies and plans in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Here are some of the topics we cover to help prepare your entire organization:

  • How to identify and proactively reduce the occurrence of workplace violence
  • How to respond when an active shooter is in your vicinity
  • What to do when law enforcement arrives
  • Active shooter response training and preparedness
    • Internal Training
    • Active Protection
    • Preventative Security Consulting

To learn more about our active shooter training and consulting services, please contact a member of the Alamom’s Safety and Security team today.

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