Alamom Consulting Inc.  Security and Safety Solutions has established professional services, training and consultative solutions for Active Shooter Response in public, private, and government industries. From entrepreneurship to compliance, enterprise to civilian and special assignments, Alamom Consulting Inc. has helped develop businesses and their models beyond their initial plans to create and implement an Active Shooter policy that promotes workplace safety and mitigates risk. We have enabled organizations to realize improvements in process, offerings, and achieving company visions. We’ve developed dedicated teams with industry-specific experience that have spent decades growing companies within each silo and assisting with Active Shooter Response training that meets their specific needs. Our expertise and knowledge are well known within the industries we serve and bring the insight and professionalism for any of your organization’s challenges.

Training Courses

With over 76% of Active Shooter incidents taking place in the workplace, our facility was determined to take a proactive approach by educating and training our employees on how to mitigate and respond to such a scenario. We were fortunate to be introduced to Alamom Consulting, who conveyed a strong focus on situational awareness, teaching our employees on how to act quickly in any situation. Jon’s extensive military and emergency services background provided our employees with a level of expertise many other instructors lack. We look forward to Jon’s return in the near future for additional training opportunities.

Gatlin K. McConnell, Process Safety Management Facility Security, Petrogas Ferndale Terminal

Our trainer had the ability to connect with our employees while delivering this sensitive content. Many of us entered the training session scared but left empowered that we could handle an Active Shooter Situation. His ability to mix up lecture and hands on practice made me realize how simple it is to be safe!

Marie, Private Education Manager

74% of employees felt they were better prepared after the Active Shooter Drill for an emergency situation

Jafra Cosmetics

Coming from a law enforcement and executive protection background, I have had several classes relating to this area over the years. However, I found this particular training by Tomer Benito to be the best counter terrorism training I have ever received. These instructors were extremely experienced and their lecture and training techniques were first-rate and extremely informative. I strongly recommend that this course taught by these two instructors be offered to all DHS management. I’m afraid that we as a federal agency are so misinformed and under-informed in this area that it reduces our ability to accomplish our mission and objectives. I understand that terrorism is only one of our primary areas of responsibility, but I find it very alarming how little most of us know in this area.

Steve Knox, Research Lead Command, Control and Interoperability Division (CID) Science & Technology Directorate Department of Homeland Security, TASC

People expressed over and over again that training and drill, which is useful for both the workplace and for situations outside the workplace, was extremely helpful and make them feel valued by our company.

Rikki Valle, HR Analyst, Jafra Cosmetics

When Jon came to evaluate our campus for an Onsite Risk Assessment and we scored poorly. He was able to identify areas of improvement to our operations, property management and security team which instantly made our employees and students feel more secure.

Tiffany, Education

My highest priority as a security expert is to provide my clients with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe in an emergency situation. Security and safety are achieved through proper threat assessment, planning, process development, training and implementation.

James Niessner, Active Shooter and Security Specialist